Ask a Nurse Frequently Asked Questions


What’s involved with creating an Ask a Nurse volunteer profile?

To create a volunteer profile, follow the steps below:

  1. On the homepage, click SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER.
  2. Select your volunteer program.
  3. Complete all required (*) demographic information on the first page of the application.  Provide your email address and create a password.
    • A verification code will be sent to your email. Copy from your email, paste into the application, and click submit.
  4. On page 2, restate your program of interest, provide your license type, license number, profession (RN or APRN), and select all languages you fluently speak.
  5. Complete the remaining sections, then click “next.”
  6. You will be asked to submit a Sterling Volunteers background check.  Please complete your background check in a new browser window. After your background check is submitted, navigate back to your Ask a Nurse application and click “next.”
  7. While your background check is processing, please complete your competencies.  Open each competency link and review all of the information.  If you feel you meet the requirements, click each checkbox confirming your attestation to each competency.  Proceed through the remaining sections and click “submit.”
    • Please note, you must review each competency and click each attestation checkbox in order to be approved to volunteer.
  8. Success! You will receive an email within two business days confirming your approval status. 

When will I know if I’m approved to volunteer?

After submitting your application you will receive an email from us within 2 business days confirming your approval status.  You will also receive an invitation email from Hippo Health to join the Ask a Nurse telehealth platform.